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4.5" Double Channel, Extreme Duty Drop Over & Cable Protector

Wires, cables, hoses & pipes are common features of work sites. Protect these critical components with this extreme strength drop over. This channel is designed with great features for proper extreme duty operation. For example, this channel is made with Elasco's new Y-tread pattern for strong grip. Check out these other features: 
  • 2 x 4.5 Inch Channel This drop over has two channels, wide and high enough to run a multitude of cables & wires through them without obstruction
  • Slight Curve Ramp The channel has a ramp that provides a slight incline & support strength to withstand comfortable passage, over the drop, of heavy duty equipment and vehicles 
  • Handles Fitted with handles to easily maneuver the drop over units and form long protective channels on large, busy sites
  • Counter-Sunk Holes Where the site environment is volatile and harsh, the drop has the flexibility to be anchored to the ground with sunk-holes for extra safety. 
  • Up to 500lbs load capacity The drop can withstand up to 500lbs of load capacity on it. It bears the weight of large mining trucks & other heavy duty vehicles with ease! Plus, because its made of polyurethane this drop over is durable and strong, able to withstand harsh and challenging environments. 

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