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3" x 3 " Single Channel Heavy Duty Drop Over Cable Protector

Wires, cables, hoses & pipes are common features of work sites in a range of industries. Protect these critical components with this drop over channel. This protective cover is easy to install. Just secure your cables & wires and drop it over. Simple as that! Designed with 3"x3" channel to run your cables through, and made of polyurethane the drop is durable, strong and able to withstand heavy duty operations. The following features make it well suited for your work site, be it industrial, mining or entertainment: 
  • Bright Color The bright color of the drop over works as an alert or signifier to workers and vehicle operators on the site.
  • 3"x3" single channel The channel has a broad height & width, a 9 square inch spacious area to run cables, wires and pipes cleanly through without obstruction.
  • Interlocking Connector This drop over has interlocking connectors on each end so you can link it with other drop overs to form a long channel to run a length of wiring. 
  • Choose between Orange,  Yellow, Black

ATI is here to meet your needs so if you'd like the option of other colors, just contact us at

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