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20 Amps Color Coded Locking Receptacles, 4 Pole 4 Wire

Locking devices have been on the market for more than 50 years! And with the range products available, matching them has become a bit of a mess. But now, ATI with the help Arrow Hart introduces color coded Locking devices – A range premium plugs, connector, flanged inlets & receptacles that offer added safety and security with the color coded voltage. This will help you easily identify the circuit voltage. This particular range of 20Amps Locking connectors, plug, inlets and receptacles comes in a range of NEMA rating options to give you as much choice as possible to find the locking device that best suits your needs. This particular range is also have grounding specifications of 4P4W. 

  • This line of color coded devices is made for use in both commercial and industrial applications 
  • Offers solution for buildings with multiple circuit voltage ratings & applications 
  • Well suited for portable equipment that require repeated & regular reconfigurations 

Features & Benefits: 
  • Made in the USA, these devices have the benefit of several design features that make them the best. 
  • Color coded design relates to the voltage rating of the device, in accordance with international standards, specifically IEC 60309 
  • Color coded design enables you to identify the voltage rating at a simple glance 
  • As an added precaution, each device has the circuit rating printed on it, that are highly visible when mated 
  • Devices are available in NEMA configurations for 20 Amp applications 
  • The locking devices have alignment indicators to ensure that the plugs, connectors and receptacles are properly installed before use 
  • Ergonomic Ultra grip design, featuring the tri combo screws for easy installation 
  • Double dove cord grip for superior alignment and clamp force for wire retention
  • The trusted and recognised locking feature for secure power connection 
  • The receptacles have a rugged but durable nylon bodies that are long lasting and hardy, able to withstand harsh environments 
  • This range of locking receptacles, plugs and connectors have a 4 pole, 4 wire grounding 

Product specifications 
  • Amperage rating : 20 Amps 
  • Allowable wire size: # 14-8 AWG 
  • Material: Glass-filled Nylon 
  • Operating temperature: -40°C (w/o impact) to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F) 
  • Number of wires: four wires 
  • Number of Poles: four poles 

Available Options
  • CCL Receptacle 20A 277/480V 3PH 4P4W Red & Black 
  • CCL Receptacle 20A 347/600V 3PH 4P4W Black & Black 

ATI exists to deliver the best electrical solutions for you and your business. So if you’re looking for more options or just need further assistance, just contact us at 800-597-9311, and we’ll be sure to help.

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