The Appleton Group, previously known as EGS Electrical Group, brings together the world’s most recognized brands: Appleton, ATX, O-Z/Gedney, SolaHD, EasyHeat, Nelson Heat Trace, Nelson Firestop and McGill. A trusted and recognized global supplier of steel boxes and fittings, it also has a big footprint in explosion-proof controls, floor warming systems industrial lighting and many more. Appleton Group provides electrical products that work perfectly under the harshest conditions.

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How Appleton Began

The Appleton brand has long been the authentic mark safe delivery of reliable power to people without any harm to equipment. Appleton is dependable on all environments, be it normal commercial settings or a harsh industrial environment. Their fittings, lighting, and power distribution solutions are known to be safe and designed to operate within an incident free territory. With brands stretching as far as 1847, the companies that make up the Appleton Group are all market leaders in their respective fields. Appleton indeed stands for tested quality, enduring commitment to excellence and continuous innovation.

Marketing Leading Brands

The Appleton brand offers lighting products, distribution equipment, plugs and receptacles, while O-Z/Gedney offers fittings, enclosures, controls and other electrical products designed for commercial and infrastructure locations. SolaHD provides power supplies, transformers, conditioners, regulators and other products for delivering reliable industrial power. Easy heat specializes in heating solutions to ensure proper pipe temperatures, free-flowing roof gutters, warm floors and safer sidewalks. These are just examples; there are many of market leading brands that Appleton supplies.

Appleton at ATI Electric Supply

It is a supplier of Electrical Components & Lighting Equipment.


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