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Power Distribution Panels

Looking for a power distribution tool that’s built exactly to your needs? Don’t have the time or resources to build it yourself? ATI excels at making custom power distribution panels. Tell us what you are trying to do, and we can collaborate.

Case Study - Enclosed CB with CAMs

The problem

Bechtel, the biggest construction and civil engineering company in the world, was looking for power distribution at a nuclear plant upgrade in Ohio. They had a generator that was feeding equipment, and they needed to be able to choose only certain generator outputs to have available at any one time.ore magna aliquam erat volutpat. 

The solution

ATI’s team created this custom power distribution panel by putting a series of circuit breakers inside an enclosure. Then, they installed CAM lock connectors on that enclosure so connections could be made quickly and easily. Our team then installed a protective frame and skid on the enclosure to make it portable and durable.

The result

Bechtel received a power distribution system that was easy to transport and install. It also gave them the safety and security they required for their facility.