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Mobile Substation Case Study

Whether you are at a job site or a live event and you need equipment for a temporary set up, or you need something for a permanent install, ATI can do it. We excel at making custom power distribution boxes. Tell us the specifics of your power distribution setup, all the features you need out of your equipment, and we’ll make it happen.

Case Study - Mobile Substation

The problem

A gold mining facility on the northern slope of Alaska wanted to be able to supply power to temporary man camps at their mines. These power distribution setups were complicated, heavy, and as you can imagine, not that mobile. The problem was that often times the camp needed to pack up and move to a new location. Why did they need to do this? Because if one location they were mining in ran out of gold, they needed to find another one! There’s no point to a gold mine without gold.

The solution

ATI designed a real solution for the gold mine. This substation is built to supply power to the whole man camp through a large number of series 16 cam lock connectors. The substation is built inside a storage crate, fitted with a door. So they can pack up shop and bring the huge power distribution system with them.

The result

ATI’s custom built mobile substation resulted in an increase in the gold mine’s mobility. This means they can spend more time digging for gold and less time in transit.