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Mobile Healthcare Facility

Whether you need custom equipment or you’re trying to figure out how to get power from A to B-Z, we can help. We have years of experience in designing and building custom power distribution equipment for a wide range of customers.

Case Study - 1200A I-Line

The problem

Oscmoco. a Canadian health care equipment company, was trying to build mobile, medical field hospitals. They needed a connector that was going to take power from a generator inside each field hospital and distribute that power to 3 ICU units inside the mobile hospital. from the These units go inside the main power hub unit. This distributes power to 3 ICU units inside the mobile hospital from the generators. These field hospitals can be set up in 60 minutes.

The solution

ATI’s team took a 1200 amp 120/240V single phase 3 wire system, also known as an I-line panel, and installed cam locks so the hospitals could be quickly set up when deployed. The cam locks feed power to each one of the ICU units. Our team also installed 30 amp service receptacles on the units for smaller equipment. These can be seen in yellow.

The result

Osmoco was able to build the mobile field hospital they had dreamed up, and supply it to their customers.