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Custom Power Distribution Transformers

Do you need a transformer with more versatility? Make it more mobile and portable? Trying to match the spec for one of your customers? Custom transformers are one of our specialties.

Case Study - Buck Boost Transformer

The problem

An experiential marketing company had a need for more power distribution equipment at a big convention. They had to supply power from power drops inside a convention hall to booths and catwalks that were going to be at the convention. They had to boost the voltage from 208V to 240V for the lights at the booths and stands. These transformers needed to be easy to move around due to the dynamic nature of the booths being set up.

The solution

ATI’s team designed and built some portable buck boost transformers, or “zig-zag” transformers that would fit the experiential marketing company’s needs. The transformers had powder-coated handles installed to them so that they could be easily carried around the convention hall and put into place. The transformers also had custom pigtails with twist-lock plugs installed on them so they were even easier to situate and hookup.

The result

The experiential marketing company had a transformer that was perfectly tailored to their event’s needs. The mobility and versatility of the transformers was not something they could have achieved without working with ATI’s team.