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Series 16 3-Fer Tri-Taps Devices

The Series 16 three way connecting adapters, made by Hubbell, are designed for use in hardy and harsh environments, like the entertainment industry. This device is versatile because it offers a three way transfer of electrical current which is useful in context where you may need several connections. Use these adapters to connect power for a reliable strong connections in a range of industry sectors, including: 
  • to power stages & studios 
  • to connect portable power distributions boxes, generators and units 
  • to prove lighting on sets 
  • at carnivals, theme parks, fairs 
  • on location filming 

Available in Black, White, Green, Red, Blue, Brown, Orange, Yellow. 
  • Made with features that are suitable for tough environments 
  • Interchangeable with other brand names three way adapters 
  • Made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) crack resistant in extreme heat or cold 
  • The TPE housing is a NEMA rated enclosure preventing dust, dirt and moisture from penetrating 
  • The housing is rounded design which prevents snagging on other structures or equipment 
  • Turn and Lock symbol aids to indicate that devices are properly connected – devices lock 180° to prevent accidental disconnect and vibration proof  
  • Large Raised Alignment Arrow aids in the mating of devices 
  • Non-conductive retaining screws lock the contacts into place – prevent movement during usage. 
  • High conductivity for reliable power
  • Material: Brass and Elastomer 
  • Number of Pins: - 1) In, 3) Out- Male-Female-Female-Female OR - 1) In, 3) Out- Female-Male-Male-Male 
  • Operating Temperature: Max Continuous- 75 Degrees C, Minimum- -40 Without Impact 
  • Amperage Rating: 400A Maximum 
  • Voltage Ratings: 600V AC Maximum 250V DC Maximum