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Roughneck E1049 Series Male and Female Standard Connectors - 313 MCM

SKU ECH-E1049-32
Roughneck makes connectors and plugs that are rugged and weatherproof, able to withstand hardy conditions of industrial use, temporary power connections, or manufacturing use. Connectors & Plugs are critical for electrical connection in a range of industries. They are particularly important because they enable the connection or disconnection of subsections of circuits. This typically occurs on industrial sites or outdoor power systems that may have several electrical circuits working in the entire system. Connectors are plugged into – they have a recessed, sunken hole with electrical terminals Plugs – are plugged in – able to be insert into a receptacle or connector to make contact with the connector terminals.
These Roughneck receptacles are made for heavy use, resistant to a range of conditions and elements, including wind, rain, mud, oil and sea water. Because of this hardy nature these connectors and plugs are designed specifically for oil & gas drilling applications. 
Roughneck male plugs and female connectors have a range of features that make them perfect for drilling applications: 
  • Latching housing to lock the connector and plug together, eliminating accident disengagement 
  • Extended rubber insulator to shield contacts and provide added safety 
  • Color coding is possible with the range of colour connectors and plugs available 

General Electrical Specifications 
  • Rating: 1000 Volts Max AC/DC, 1135 amps continuous 
  • Temperature rating: -40°C to 125°C 
  • Cable size: 313 MCM 

Material Specifications 
  • Rubber Insulator with bus bar works for vertical, horizontal or 45° angle positioning
  • Epoxy powder coated aluminium alloy Receptacle Shells that are corrosion resistant
  • Stainless Steel Hardware including rotating latch for tool free easy connection & configuration
  • Plated Copper Contact for minimum resistance and heating

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