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J Series E1017 DSS Insulator Plug, 350-500 MCM

SKU ECH-A200040-2
Cam-Look ™ J Series connectors are made for portable applications. These single pole J–series plugs and receptacles are well designed for quick connections The E1017 J Series are designed with CAM-Lock double cam principle for positive – vibration proof connection – the connection won’t be dislodged by vibrational use. 
Please Note: This is the Insulator Only. To purchase the complete set (Insulator and Contact), please contact us at (800) 597-9311

  • These J Series E1017 plugs and receptacles have several features: 
  • Insulated: Recessed contacts protected by insulated jacket 
  • Shatter and crack resistant housing 
  • Water tight – heat, weather, oil, ozone and abrasion resistant 
  • Color coded for easy phase identification 
  • The contact can withstand a torque/pulling force of 1,000 lbs. 
  • Turning the contact 1/3 assures a high pressure contact approaching 600lbs per sq. in providing minimum resistance 

  • Electrical rating: 600V AC/DC, 690Amps Continuous 
  • Temperature ratings: Operating ambient: -40°C to 105°C 
  • Accepts cable size: #8, AWG – 800MCM
  • Insulator material: Elastomeric or Rubber
  • Contact material: Brass or Copper

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