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Collapsible Medium Bulk Container 48"x 45"x 34"

SKU RPP-DGA454834-2
This is medium load collapsible bulk container able to carry and hold a load weight of to 1,500lbs. This DuraGreen container made by RPP is designed to withstand the strains and pressures on freight transfer and handling. This medium container with 45"x48"x34" dimensions is able to transfer and move a range of items including automotive components, bearings, hardware, textiles, and metal parts other industrial parts. Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) This plastic derivative material is strong and durable. The container will be able to protect your goods from damage during transfer. This HDPE material hardy resistant to moisture and water meaning that these containers are reusable, giving you value for money. 
Solid Container Construction Design
  • The container features two drop gates for easy access loading and unloading of contents
  • Pallet style base with 4 way forklift entry to facilitate handling, transfer and loading and off-loading onto trucks
  • Even smooth load surface floor to ensure no parts are lots
  • The container are stable and able to with stand high capacity stacking because they have interlocking walls which hold strong against internal pressure of contents and external pressure of stacking
  • Easy access with ergonomic spring loaded latches that are quick to lock and or unlock to build or collapse the container. 

These containers are value for money because they are:
  • Stackable – featuring runners allowing them to be stacked on top of each other for maximum storage capacity and transfer load
  • Collapsible – with a 3:1 nesting ration to increase load capacity on return trips
  • 100 % recyclable This container can come with an optional lid upon request.

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