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The Color Run – A lesson on Life

The Color Run – A lesson on Life

This past month the ATI team participated in the happiest 5K in the world – the color run.

The run was held on a weekend early at 8.45am and the weather was chilly, so it took a little bit of sacrifice to participate in the race. We had 18 people on our team – employees, spouses and some children. Our main motivation was to be a part of the runs purpose which was to help raise money to combat hunger.

1. Showing up is important

Whether you show up as a spectator to support the team and cheer the team on or you are on the field giving it your all – showing up makes the difference between winning and losing. In a non-competitive event like the color run – showing up meant being there for the team and helping to boost morale and team spirit.

2. Pushing yourself to the limit

I believe that human beings are born with an unlimited amount of capability and anything we put our hearts and minds on will come to fruition. Running a 5k, 10K, half or full marathon takes some determination, training and commitment – whether you are running for speed to improve your run time or you simply want to reach the finish line – you must push yourself to achieve these goals. I saw a lot of corners I could have cut to shorten the distance of the run and make it much easier on my joints but what’s the point? The sense achievement you feel by pushing yourself and the sense of accomplishment you get from doing it right and reaching the finish line cannot be replaced.

3. Overcoming adversity

There were moments during the run when my feet would have preferred to walk but I am not a quitter.  I have run half marathons and this 5k was during a recovery from a back injury, but I learnt not to feel sorry for myself – it taught me that I can overcome anything and if I am not causing injury to myself, I had the will-power and the discipline to finish what I started.  I saw a large group of people ahead of me – I was not going to come first but I knew that you can’t always win, I learnt to keep going, to push and let nothing stand between me and the finish line.  You have to be durable just like our products.

I think for me the greatest lesson of all was that at times its going to be messy, it may not be easy and will require some sacrifice but like everything else in life – if it was easy then everyone would be doing it.   The Color run was worth it.

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