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The Best 2021 Portable Power Investments

The Best 2021 Portable Power Investments

ATI’s online store offers consumers a place to browse and shop our products from anywhere, no matter their location. With hundreds of different products and brands to choose from, our store is one of the most complete portable power shopping centers in the nation. Our team has conducted a market research experiment in order to help our customers narrow down their portable power search. We’ve spoken to local customers and followed up with some of our online customers to receive feedback that declares the most popular brands and products that ATI currently has to offer.

While ATI does not endorse any single brand or product, we have provided a list of our top-rated products from the customer’s perspective, and we whole-heartedly believe that each brand and their affiliated products that we have listed on our site are more than suitable for use in industrial temporary power settings.

Our Top-Rated Portable Power Products Based on Customer Reviews:

Best Overall: Generator Docking Station By Power Assemblies

Generator Docking Station

Built in the USA with all UL-Listed components, the Generator Docking Station (GDS) is one of our most popular power solutions for a quick, plug-and-play option to seamlessly switch from utility to generator power. The GDS is most commonly used in conjunction with a transfer switch and a generator. It’s as simple as connecting your generator cables between the GDS and your generator, firing up the generator, and transferring the source from utility to backup generator power. Includes a lockable, hinged access panel to hide your camlock connectors for an added safety feature.

Most Economical: Mini X-Treme Spider Box By SouthWire

X-treme Box by Southwire

This Mini Spider Box from Southwire is compact, lightweight, and durable which is what makes it so versatile. Capable of standing vertically or horizontally, this box is equipped with the tools you need to distribute power safely no matter the location. Stay connected with this low-cost power solution to keep your project on task and get the job done. 

Most Versatile: Type W Generator Extension Cables By Power Assemblies

Cable Extension 50' from Power Assemblies

Available in multiple color configurations depending on your voltage requirement. Generator cables constructed with a Type-W jacket are one of the toughest cables built to withstand the harshest industrial environments. Whether you’re connecting your generator at home or working in challenging industrial settings like mining or construction, Type-W Generator Cables by Power Assemblies are guaranteed to perform.

 Easiest to Install: Camlock Connection Box By Power Assemblies

Camlock connection box

Available in a bottom mount, or right mount configuration and customizable to your amperage and voltage requirements. The Camlock Connection Box (CCB) is a compact generator junction box similar to the GDS with quick, plug-and-play panel mount camlock connectors. The camlock connectors are mounted on the outside of the enclosure on a Camlock Panel compared to that of the GDS which are mounted behind an access panel.

Best For Construction: X-Treme Spider Box By SouthWire

Southwire Xtreme Box

Available in multiple different configurations equipped with 20A, 30A, and 50A receptacles. The X-Treme Spider Box from Southwire is fitted with a sled base and built from carbon steel to withstand rugged environments. This reliable power distribution box is a great portable power option, with the tools needed to achieve peak performance on site and keep your project on schedule.

Best For Entertainment: Beetle Box Power Distribution Center By Power Assemblies

Beetle Box Power Distribution

Available in 50A and 200A, the Beetle Box from Power Assemblies is a power distribution box built from non-metallic materials for added insulation and to provide additional safety measures. It’s compact, lightweight, and has the capability to stack multiple beetle boxes right on top of one another. This box is practically indestructible, making it the perfect spider box for those looking to cut costs by using this box repeatedly on multiple jobs or entertainment venues.

Best for Minor Applications: GP Series Inverter Generator By Generac

GP Series Inverter from Generac

Planning a camping trip in the near future and need a portable generator to charge your phone or play music? This Portable Generator from Generac is so compact and lightweight, you’ll barely notice it on the campsite. Save space in your car, truck, or RV, and add this handy generator to your portable power collection to establish power practically anywhere.

Best Connectors: Camlock Connectors by Marinco or Leviton

Inline and Cam panel connectors

Camlock connectors are the ultimate quick connect option to tie into your generator. Marinco Power Products and Leviton offer a practically identical product at similar price points, making both brands a solid investment for your power distribution equipment. Shop our online store for Single Pin Inline Connectors for wire and cable, or Panel Mount Camlock Connectors for mounting on power distribution equipment.

Browse Our Top-Rated Products Online Today

Now that we’ve gone over our customer’s top picks for power distribution cables and equipment, head over to our store to browse our entire collection. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact or portable power experts at (800)-597-9311 or email us at Thank you for being the best customers in the temporary power industry. Our team looks forward to assisting each and every one of our customers and providing the equipment you need for the job. No matter how big or how small the job is, ATI has the materials and expertise to get it done.

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