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Temporary Power Products

Temporary Power Products

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can be devastating to power grids that feed residences and businesses creating the need for Temporary Power Products. States like Texas, California and Florida have several power outages each year due to hurricanes, ice storms, wildfires and earthquakes. Although these states are especially vulnerable, no part of the country is immune from natural disasters. Fortunately, there are products and systems that can  minimize effects from the loss of utility power.

When utility power is lost, generator power can replace it for critical loads. Residences and various types of businesses have varying critical loads, and ATI provides the distribution equipment to keep them running.

Hospitals emergency rooms, nurseries and rooms with sick patients require equipment that can not lose power or lives will be lost. Standby generators located on site and wired to automatic transfer switches, generators docking stations connected with portable power cable, all properly sized, keep these critical loads connected and energized.

When Hurricane Irma hit Florida in 2017, several million people lost power including a nursing home in Hollywood Florida. Eight elderly people died when a transformer failed which fed air conditioners. These deaths could have been prevented with proper planning and backup power generators connected to temporary power distribution systems.

Some of the most critical businesses before, during and after a natural disaster are gas stations along evacuation routes. Gas stations require electricity to power their gas and diesel pumps. Generators feeding camlock connection switches, generator docking stations and transfer switches keep the gas and diesel pumps working so people can safely evacuate an oncoming storm.

ATI has a full range of temporary power products including temporary power cable with camlock and nema connections, transformer carts, generator docking stations and camlock connection switches. These products along with the generator ensure critical loads stay powered during natural disasters.

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