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Temporary Power Distribution Boxes: A Useful Solution to Stay Connected

If you are managing an operation or event that calls for a sustained electrical power supply, but is also located in an area where electricity is not readily accessible, then you need to invest in a temporary power supply.

There are many options available to you, but we recommend that you invest in a temporary power distribution box. These devices are, without question, the safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective power supplies on the market.

Below is our guide to temporary power boxes and why they are the superior option for supplying power to a remote location.

What is a Temporary Power Distribution Box?

Temporary power distribution boxes, otherwise known as spider boxes, are an economically-friendly way to supply electrical power to a remote location.

They use either a 120/240 VAC single-phase, or a 120/208 or 277/480 VAC three-phase power source and distribute power by the way of either receptacles, twist-lock connectors, or camlock connections.

Temporary power distribution boxes usually cost anywhere between $150 to $1,500, making them a relatively inexpensive option when compared to other methods of supplying an area with temporary power.

Depending on the type of machinery and equipment that the power distribution box is being used for, the purchases of separate power cables, adaptors, and accessories may be necessary. These extra parts could add another couple of hundred dollars on to the total cost.

Despite this, spider boxes are easily the most affordable solution available and don’t sacrifice usability, efficiency and safety just for the sake of being cheaper.

Naturally, the more expensive one of these power supply boxes is, the more capable it is of sustaining a heavy load.

Cheaper power boxes ($150 to $500) are perfect for a smaller operation that is utilizing power tools, whereas an operation that requires lots of heavy-duty machinery and equipment will almost certainly require multiple boxes or one that costs an upwards of $1,000.

Applications for Temporary Power Distribution Boxes

Temporary power distribution boxes are very useful for operations that require electrical power but are located in areas or terrain that are difficult to reach and do not have electricity.

Mining operations, for example, are usually located underground where a large, permanent power source has likely not been installed. Temporary power boxes can be easily transported to different sections of the mine or quarry to power equipment.

Mining operations are naturally hazardous, so any way to speed up operations and make them more efficient should be invested in. Less time spent underground leads to a lower likelihood of workers getting seriously injured.

Construction projects are another application that can benefit greatly from a temporary power supply box. Construction operations typically require lots of heavy machinery and have strict deadlines.

The usability and efficiency that a spider box can bring to the table can be of great benefit to project managers who are running a large operation that needs to be finished by a specific date.

They are also an important tool for emergency management agencies like FEMA. In the wake of a natural disaster or some other event that could cause a large-scale power outage, spider boxes can be put to use supplying temporary power to specific areas in order to aid the relief effort.

Benefits of Using a Temporary Power Distribution Box


First and foremost, temporary power distribution boxes are designed with safety in mind. They are built to be rugged, durable, and able to withstand the extreme conditions and temperatures that may come from different types of terrain.

Many are fairly lightweight allowing them to be transported easily, and don’t require more electrical wires than what is absolutely necessary. Excess wires can lead to fires and can trip up workers who may be using it in a poorly lit environment.

That said, spider boxes should only be used by qualified electricians, and ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) should always be installed so that no one gets injured. Luckily, many boxes come with this feature built in.

Temporary power supply boxes are highly efficient due to their straight-foward and intuitive design which is crucial when it comes to time-sensitive operations.

They are relatively inexpensive compared to other temporary power sources and are highly scalable. If you are running a small operation that doesn’t involve any heavy machinery, but still needs electricity, you can invest in a cheaper power box that isn’t built to sustain large loads.

Temporary Power Distribution Boxes from ATI Electrical

ATI Electrical Supply offers a wide range of power distribution boxes, from smaller less-expensive models to much more durable and heavier-duty varieties.

Mini X-Treme Box

The Mini X-Treme Box is a very affordable option, costing just over $200. It is small and compact, weighing in at only ten pounds. It is designed to be resistant to abrasions and chemicals, and it has rubber feet to keep it safe from wet surfaces.

It is highly transportable due to its low weight, its ability to be stacked both vertically and horizontally, and the addition of a handle. The Mini X-Treme Box is crafted with the following electrical features:

  • 20 Amp Panel mounted GFCI on both ends
  • 30 Amp 125/250V twist lock flange inlet (back of unit)
  • 20 Amp circuit breaker on both ends to protect the unit from overcurrent
  • 8 x 20Amp, 5-20R outlets (4 on each side)

6508G CEP Spider Box

The 6508G CEP Spider Box is manufactured using the latest in GFCI technology making it one of the safest options on the market. It is designed with four outlet twist locks and can withstand the harsh conditions of any jobsite.

This model can also be customized to have a wrap-around frame. It is priced at just under $500, so it is still fairly weak when compared to heavier-duty models but is more powerful than the previously mentioned Mini X-Treme Box.

Beetle Box

The Beetle Box from Power Assemblies is a lightweight and versatile temporary distribution box that comes in three different varieties. Each one features different specifications and individual features, with the BB-201 model being the most capable of sustaining a heavy load.

Features that are consistent across all three models include:

  • The ability to be stacked, allowing for easy transportability
  • A convenient carrying handle
  • Insulation from electric currents
  • GFCI protection for each outlet

Spider II Spider Box

The Spider II Spider Box comes in two varieties. One has twist-lock inlets/outlets, while the other features straight blade inlets/outlets. This temporary power supply is much more expensive than the previous two, being priced at over $2000.

That said, this box is much more suited to sustaining a large amount of electrical equipment at once. It has also received a NEMA 3R rating meaning it is metallic, heavy-duty, and fitted with abuse-resistant legs.

This box is perfectly suited for large events and operations, including concerts, carnivals, festivals, and large manufacturing and construction sites.

ATI Electrical Supply offers dozens of different temporary electrical supply boxes from a variety of brands. Each one has its own unique features and characteristics that help it to stick out from the crowd.

If you need help deciding which one is best suited for your needs, we are more than happy to oblige.

Call us now at (800) 597-9311 or e-mail our portable power group at for any questions about which product is right for you!


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