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Spring Has Arrived!

Spring Has Arrived!

Sunday, March 20th marked the first official day of Spring! We’re that much closer to those warm summer months, which means all those outdoor concerts, festivals, and entertainment venues will be coming back to life sooner than you think. In places like South Florida, Spring Break has already commenced, and waves of college students have begun to flow onto the beaches, creating a party scene along the shoreline. Each year, businesses in the service industry such as restaurants, bars, and hotels have to prepare for the arrival of spring breakers that are coming to town for the warmer weather.

If you own, operate, or work at an entertainment or production company you might see these spring breakers and start to get excited for the potential increase in business. Spring break is essentially a heads up for both local businesses and power industry distributors to prepare now that the time has come to get ready to rock and roll and begin putting together some of those big events that we all know and love. Florida is home to some of the greatest music festivals throughout the country during springtime. One of the most popular, which you may know of, is Ultra Music Festival, happening this weekend in Miami! If you are at all familiar with this music festival, you know just how many lights and speakers it has! Now imagine all the energy it requires to power a show of that magnitude.

Now we must not forget that nearly all these music festivals, concerts, and shows wouldn’t happen without the help of some of ATI’s most popular temporary power distribution products such as  Banded Cable Sets and Distro Boxes. Think about it, where do most concerts and festivals take place? Well, often times they’ll be in empty lots and open fields that lack access to a power grid. That’s where ATI steps in! If you’ve got an upcoming event that requires power distribution and you have any questions whatsoever, you can reach out to our portable power experts via call or text at (800)-597-9311 or email us at

Power Distribution For Spring Events

Live Entertainment Companies will often plan out a show well in advance to avoid any major issues that could occur during the performance. This can include finding the preferred venue, costumes, microphones, performers, stage lighting, acquiring the necessary power distribution equipment, and many more tasks. We might not realize it as attendees, but in reality, show organizers have a lot of weight resting on their shoulders! ATI understands how difficult it can be to acquire the proper equipment while trying to meet deadlines and pleasing the entire crowd. Because of this, ATI employees are happy to work with you to find you the right solution and take some of the pressure off you.

Since the warmer weather is approaching, and we mentioned how festivals are ready to make a comeback, let’s review exactly how power distribution works during a live event. It all starts with a portable generator, which are conveniently available in many different sizes depending on how much energy consumption is needed to power all your equipment. Most live events will use multiple generators throughout the festival to provide enough power for equipment on the main stage such as lighting and sound equipment, but have you ever thought about the rest of the event that requires power? Generators, cables, and distro boxes can be used throughout the entire festival for tons of different things such as food and drink stalls, pop-up shops, emergency medical tents, toilet facilities, air-conditioned resting stations, amusement rides, and more!

Therefore, it’s so important to provide adequate power distribution equipment strategically throughout the event to cut down on costs and ensure that you have a backup power source in case of an emergency. Now that you know a little more about large-scale energy consumption can be for certain events, it’s important to note that the power needed can be quite expensive. Our experts at ATI understand this, and are happy to work with you to help ensure you’ve included practical and efficient equipment in your even planning strategy.

One of ATI’s main goals is to provide our customers with one of the largest online platforms for temporary power distribution equipment. Take some time to look around our store to browse our entire catalog and if you have any questions about an item you can talk to a live rep directly online, or send our Portable Power Group an email at We’re just a click away!

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