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Our Company Culture

Our Company Culture

Culture is a word that is very popular with consultants, speakers and leaders of nearly every type of organization. In general terms, it represents the standards of behavior of the people of the organization. Creating a great culture has to come from the daily actions of everyone in the organization. Words on a plaque don’t create culture. They may describe what we want our culture to be, but they don’t create it.

ATI Electrical Supply has been very purposeful in creating the culture that attracts the best customers, vendors and most importantly, people.  Below are some real life examples of how our actions have created our culture.

Do the right thing, even if it hurts

Recently, We received a shipment from one of our manufacturers that was intended for a competing distributor. The value was close to $100,000, and had we kept it, nobody would have known. Without hesitation, our warehouse team informed the vendor of their error, and returned the product. They didn’t ask management what they should do, because they already knew what the answer would be.

Have open and honest communication

Sometimes it’s necessary to have a very real conversation with a customer or a vendor concerning expectations or performance. When an ATI team member has this conversation, it is done with the intent to solve the problem using facts and honest dialog. We discuss the problem with the intent to solve it showing respect for the other party.

Work hard and have fun

You know the saying, all work and no play – yada yada yada (Seinfeld anyone?). Fun makes work, well, fun. Some of the things ATI has done to make work fun is host spur of the moment BBQ’s, rent a suite for a baseball game, eat together (we eat well here), and go to concerts and shows together. We believe fun brings people together, and we like to have fun.

Do whatever it takes to take care of the customer

I’ve seen this behavior over and over in the last 15 years at ATI. One of the markets we service is emergency power. It seems the power never goes out on a Tuesday afternoon! Many times we’ve received calls on a Friday at 3 PM from a customer that needs material on site Monday morning, and we’ve NEVER let the customer down. Our team has always been willing to work evenings, nights, weekends and early mornings to get the job done. Sometimes I think they like the challenge! I’ve also witnessed our switchgear team helping a customer on a project that we didn’t even get the order for. Makes me proud just writing about it.

Creating great opportunities for our customers, suppliers and team members

 We are a growing company, and when someone is hired at ATI, they often move to different roles within the company, or expand their original job duties. There are many opportunities within ATI for people who are diligent, ambitious and willing to learn. We also provide opportunities to our customers and vendors by providing excellent products and services that helps their business grow and become more profitable. Opportunity can change lives, and we love that we are able to provide them.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, reach out to us at Before you do, know that we are very picky about who we let into our family, but if you believe you fit into our culture then we’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you.


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