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Industry-Specific Portable Electrical Distribution

Industry-Specific Portable Electrical Distribution

Our team recognizes the importance of offering you portable electrical distribution equipment that is fine-tuned to the unique needs of your industry. We get it, finding equipment that is exclusively designed for your applications and operating conditions can be complicated and time consuming. To make finding your ideal power solutions simple, our team has spent years curating industry-specific collections of power products.

We offer hundreds of power solutions at, with the option to shop by industry so that you can quickly find products that are tailored to your one-of-a-kind needs. Our team can also order specialty equipment from top brands in the industry so that you can easily find the equipment you need to tackle all things electrical. We have decades of combined experience under our belts that we’ve spent working with customers from a variety of industries and backgrounds. When you choose to partner with ATI, you can always trust that you are working with the best in the business.

Our commitment to our customers extends far beyond our products. We prioritize incredible customer service that takes the stress out of procurement. Our talented team of industry experts offers warm and friendly communication, guidance, and support with every step in your portable power journey. Through our customer-centric approach, we aim to create long-lasting relationships where your needs are always put first. While we are a full-service provider of cable, connectors, and power distribution equipment, we will spend this article highlighting some of the industries that we specialize in serving. If you have any questions while reading this article, please contact our experts at

RV and Trailers

The newest addition to our shop by industry category, our RV and Trailer Industry Page, provides you with shore power while parked at your campsite. This page is jam-packed with power pedestal essentials such as electrical extension cords, inlets, outlets, and GFCI protected cord adapters that are perfect for powering your next adventure. Each of these RV power essentials arrive at your doorstep pre-assembled and factory tested for easy installation.


Mining operations take place in remote locations far away from standard electrical grids, so providing your project with a reliable stream of power is an absolute must. This is why our team has compiled a collection of mining cables, couplers, caps, and decoupling wrenches that are designed to provide you with rock-solid portable electrical distribution. Whether you need Type G-GC Cable to power your heavy machinery or require a trustworthy coupler to provide you with secure electrical connections, we have it all! If you have any questions about our selection of mining equipment or would like to request a quote, please contact our Mining Project Manager by calling (702)-370-4815.

Marine and Shore Power

It’s no secret that electricity and water are not a good mix. This is why it’s critical that you only use marine-grade equipment to keep you safe while operating in marine environments. We offer shore power cable, pin and sleeve connectors, adapters, battery chargers, and circuit breakers from reputable brands such as Hubbell, Marinco Power Products, ABB, Leviton, Blue Sea Systems, and Eaton. To shop our selection of marine and shore power products, you can visit the Marine Industry section on our website or contact our Marine Division Manager at (954) 644-3876.


For the past 20 years, ATI has specialized in providing you with professional-grade equipment that is built to withstand industrial applications. However, since partnering with Connecticut Electric, we are thrilled to offer you our new collection of equipment that is tailored for residential use! Our line of 30A and 50A G2 Manual Transfer Switches are perfect for providing your home with a flawless transition from utility to backup power in case of a power outage. This 10-circuit Transfer Switch is available as a stand-alone solution or as part of a kit that includes a corresponding inlet and your choice of a 10’, 25’, or 50’ power cord. You can learn more about the G2 Transfer Switch by clicking here or using the chat located on our website to get in touch with a live ATI representative.


From providing Switchgear to power the construction of the Las Vegas MSG Sphere to supplying small projects with SpiderSets, our team boasts notable experience within the construction industry. We keep plenty of portable electrical distribution products on hand and have four stock locations strategically spread across the United States. This way, we can promptly provide you with the equipment you need to conquer each of your project’s tasks. To request a quote on our standard or customized Switchgear, please contact our Switchgear Division Manager at (561)-696-9002 or by emailing our Electrical Switchgear Projects Group at


Applications in the entertainment industry often take place in unconventional settings with little to no permanent power infrastructure. Because of this, the entertainment industry requires its portable electrical distribution equipment to be flexible and scalable so that you can quickly adjust to changing power needs. Equipment such as our 5-Wire Banded Sets, Company Switches, and Spider Boxes quickly install to power remote film sets, carnivals, concerts, and more! If you are interested in learning more about our selection of entertainment power equipment, you can contact our entertainment industry account manager by dialing (772)-710-7255.

Portable Cable and Equipment Rentals

When it comes to equipment rentals, it’s important that you invest in top-of-the-line equipment that can stand up to the wear and tear of repeated use. With over a dozen Cable Assemblies and raw cable varieties available to our customers, we did our due diligence to provide you with only the best. Each of our cables are constructed with the most durable materials on the market and have gone through meticulous tests to maximize your return on investment and guarantee your customer’s safety. ATI’s Cable Assemblies are also available with customized cable labels to make identifying your cables a snap. Our Wire and Cable Expert is always here to lend a helping hand at (702)-250-0198.

If you have any general questions regarding what industries we serve or our collection of portable power equipment, please contact our experts today at (800)-597-9311 or send us an email at

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