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Entertainment Power Distribution Guides and Tips

Entertainment Power Distribution Guides and Tips

It’s that time of year again when the leaves begin to change colors, temperatures start to drop, and all of those fun fall festivities that we love come back to life. I’m sure some of us are a highly anticipating those local Oktoberfest events that are hosting live music with great food and even better company. But have you ever wondered, how are these outdoor events providing the power needed to keep up with the demand from the entertainment venues, pop-up shops, along with the food and beverage providers? Generally, half of these events are happening in the middle of an empty field or parking lot, right?

Entertainment venues like those are typically lacking adequate access to a power grid, therefore needing to provide power by what our team at ATI likes to call, Portable Power. The portable power distribution network for events like these begin by choosing the correct sized generator. Making a portable power checklist can really help you execute the planning process. The event coordinator should establish the amperage and voltage required on set. If you need assistance with this, you can reach out to the experts at ATI Electrical Supply or simply call a licensed and certified electrician. This information is necessary to be able to supply enough power to the required loads and choose the appropriate generator accordingly.

At a live event or festival, it’s crucial that your power distribution system does not fail. The event coordinator needs to put in the time and effort to calculate exactly how much energy consumption is required for each individual activity for the entire duration of the event. This information will help the coordinator determine where to place the generator, the power distribution units, and where to run the feeds or cable assemblies. Designing a strategic positioning strategy for your equipment will ultimately confirm that the event will run smoothly with at the determined loads, giving you peace of mind that the event will not lose power at any point in time. If by chance the power does go out, it is equally important that you have a backup plan to correct the issue as quick as possible to ensure an ample experience for the guests.

We Are the Entertainment Power Provider

With locations located in Las Vegas, NV, Oregon, and South Florida, ATI is regularly working around the clock with entertainment companies and large venues throughout the entire country to ensure they’re equipped with the right power solutions for the show. As I’m sure we all know, Las Vegas and South Florida are two extremely lively places where there’s always some sort of entertainment or sporting event going on. Whether you’re coordinating a large music festival, a concert, a county fair, a sporting event, or simply planning a small haunted house for the neighborhood this year, our facilities are more than equipped with the power necessities that you’ll need to succeed.

We provide and stock power distribution products tailored to the entertainment industry like single phase and three phase spider boxes, docking stations, quick-connect camlock distribution panels, and more! Browsing through power distros to find the right one for your project can be challenging. We stock standard entertainment power distros that range from 30, 50, 100, 200, and even 400-amp configurations. All of which may contain separate input and output configurations that range from camlocks, twist-locks, straight blades, pin and sleeve, and stage pin connections. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming, which is why we recommend you reach out to our experts to help you narrow down your search.

Spider boxes like the X-Treme Power Distribution Center by Southwire are extremely popular because of its elevated design and its dedicated 20-Amp GFCI circuits, each containing its own individual circuit breaker to ensure circuits aren’t being overloaded and breakers do not trip during the show causing a temporary outage. Another one of our favorites is the Beetle Box by Power Assemblies because of its indestructible and rust-free, non-metallic frame and the variety of amperages, inputs, and outputs that are available in this unit. Head over to the spider box page under the power distribution tab on our website and check out these two distro boxes for yourself to determine which one is a better fit for your preferred entertainment venue.

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