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Easily Find Emergency Power Products: Exploring ATI’s Product Filters

Easily Find Emergency Power Products: Exploring ATI’s Product Filters

With hundreds of products available on our website, it’s important to us that you’re able to quickly find the emergency power products you need. When it comes to shopping for power solutions for your latest project, our team understands that time is of the essence. In order to save you time, our team has spent months creating product filters for our website so that you can find equipment that matches your project requirements within seconds.

When you choose to shop at, you can experience 24/7 access to emergency power products from top brands like Marinco, Leviton, Schneider Electric, ABB, Power Assemblies, Hubbell, Burndy, Southwire, and much more. Our team’s mission is to always provide you with top-shelf equipment, quick lead times, and a delightful shopping experience. To pave the way for your online procurement, we consistently update our product listing to include the latest models, high-definition images, and competitive prices.

To further enhance your experience, we’ve added layers of product filters to our website. This way, you can quickly sift through our collection of products and easily find what you’re looking for. In this article, ATI’s marketing team will walk you through our product filtration systems, illustrate how using our filters can benefit you, and explore ATI’s plans to continuously improve our website and provide you with your best-ever shopping experience!

How To Streamline Your Search with ATI's Product Filters

Did you know that less than 2 out of every 10 online shoppers are able to easily find what they’re looking for on most ecommerce platforms? Well, our team is here to make sure that you never encounter such frustrations. From broad filter categories on our home page to more detailed options on each product page, we developed our product filtration systems to provide you with a straightforward and pleasant shopping experience.

On our home page, you have the option to browse our collection of equipment by simply hovering your mouse over the “PRODUCTS” button in the top left corner to browse categories such as Cable Assemblies, Wire Connectors, and Power Distribution Equipment. We’ve then divided most categories into subcategories to help you find the exact item you need. After you’ve selected a product category, you can mix and match your desired product attributes such as brands, price range, voltages, amperages, connector genders, and more in order to pinpoint emergency power products that match your preferences.

To illustrate how our “Shop By Category” filter works, we will take you on a guided tour of how you can use our filters to find our brand-new 50A, 4-Prong Extension Cords by Connecticut Electric. To start, once you're on the homepage, scroll down just a bit until you can click on the “Cable Assemblies'' icon. You can also select categories and subcategories by using the “Products'' drop down under the company logo on our home page. Next, click on the “Extension Cords'' tab at the top of the page to select this sub-category. Finally, click “Connecticut Electric” under the “Brand” category, and click “50A” under the “Amperage” category.

We’ve also created a “Shop by Industry” category to help you find products curated exactly for you. This page is another excellent way to explore emergency power equipment that may pique your interest. With just a quick click, you can browse products specifically designed for the marine, mining, and entertainment industries. This way, you can easily explore equipment that is relevant to your industry and feel confident knowing that each product in this selection is built to excel in your field’s operating conditions. We’ve got plenty more Shop by Industry categories in the works as well such as RV & Trailer, Switchgear, and more!

No matter how you use our filters to navigate our website, each of our product filters are designed to be user-friendly. With straightforward dropdown menus and checkboxes, navigating our selection of emergency power equipment has never been easier. Our intuitive filters support an enjoyable browsing experience and ensure that you’re well-equipped for your project’s portable power needs. Furthermore, if you’re ever experiencing a hard time finding what you need, there’s no need to sweat. We have a live chat function where you can talk with a live agent in seconds than can help find you exactly what you’re looking for.

Enhancing ATI's Online Collection of Emergency Power Products

In the first quarter of 2024, we launched a wealth of new products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Some of our most anticipated releases included our Quick Connect Switches and G2 Manual Transfer Switch Kits. The Quick Connect Switch (QCS) is a new adaptation of our popular Camlock Connection Switch, but the QCS is much more readily available as we can have them shipped in typically 0 – 4 weeks. As the year progresses, we have plenty of exciting plans to add to our power lineup. Our team also plans to expand into new markets and begin to offer you new product lines catering to the residential and commercial power and RV power industries.

As we work to continuously expand our line of power products and enhance your online shopping experience, we invite you to stay tuned for future updates! Be sure to enter your email on the footer of this page to sign up for our newsletter e-mail list to be the first to know about our latest product launches, sales specials, and informative articles.

If you ever have any questions about product availability while shopping on our website or would like to request a free quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the live chat box on our website. Our team hopes that you enjoyed this article and have a better understanding of how using our product filters can improve your shopping experience. If you find our product filters helpful, please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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