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ATI is Providing Premium Packages for Our Products

ATI is Providing Premium Packages for Our Products

Imagine this. You’ve been waiting days on end for a package to show up at your door. Finally - it arrives. Immediately you bring it inside, eagerly begin peeling off the tape, tearing open the cardboard, and as you’re pulling it out of the box you realize it is terribly damaged.  A disappointment to say the least, as this is not what you were planning on, and you need to install the product today!

At ATI, we take tremendous pride in offering a guarantee on the safe delivery of our products. This gives our customers peace of mind when placing an order, and also gives us confidence that our products arrive just as they’re supposed to – working and undamaged. ATI Electrical Supply is highly devoted to providing a positive order experience for our customers. Our company wants your products to arrive in perfect condition, which is why we’ve invested in providing premium packages for the safest transportation of our portable power products right to your door.

How Does ATI Provide Premium Packages?

ATI employee recycling boxes to use as packaging material

ATI Electrical Supply has invested in the Intimus PacMaster S - to drive a green initiative within our business in order to significantly reduce the amount of single use plastics within our shipping department. The PacMaster S is an investment we’re proud of, allowing ATI to consider alternatives that are environmentally conscience to do our part in preserving our planet. This machine takes cardboard from boxes and creates environmentally friendly packing material. Creating our own packing material in-house gives us the satisfaction of knowing that our portable power products will be unharmed in transit. We are proactively operating in a manner to support our premium packages by purchasing new boxes for each shipment from companies like Uline – a distributor of shipping, industrial, and packaging materials that offer the finest quality and best selection of premium packages.

Packaging Process

ATI packaging process

ATI Electrical Supply is dedicated to following all Covid-19 protocols as recommended by the CDC. We have trained all employees to follow Covid-19 guidelines to keep employees safe and healthy within our facility as well as our customers. It is crucial to our company and our community to provide a safe working environment for all employees. In order to provide safe and effective packaging, it is imperative that our packaging process is elite. The first step in our shipping process is to select the appropriately sized box or pallet in accordance with the product size. We then move along to the Intimus Pac Master S and pack our box with packing material along with the portable power products.

After securing the package we verify the weight, and location – commercial or residential, and coordinate what added services are needed if we are shipping freight. For example, if we need to request a lift gate service, a call ahead, a forklift, or whether the customer has a loading dock, and so on. After coordinating exactly what is needed for the shipping or freight, we finalize the packages and shrink wrap our pallets. The last step is to wait for the carrier to arrive for pick up – generally no later than 4 P.M. (EST).


ATI orders ready to be shipped

Once the shipment order has been received, ATI’s shipping department processes the tracking number and adds it to our tracking log for the customer to review. Once the shipment arrives, one of our portable power experts will contact you to ensure everything arrived on time and is perfectly aligned with your expectations. We ask that you always be sure to inspect your packages immediately upon arrival to look for any signs of mishandling during shipping. If this is the case, you should contact us immediately and send photos to, or text them to 800-597-9311. While this circumstance is extremely rare and highly unlikely, ATI Electrical will happily assist you to resolve the issue.

Waiting an extended period of time for a package you ordered can feel like a lifetime. Shop our website today at to receive your portable power products when you need them most. ATI is dedicated to providing our customers the largest online portable power products store on the web. If you can’t find a specific product on our site, please call us or send us a text at 800-597-9311 and we will do everything in our power to provide you with what you’re looking for.

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