surface mine operation

37 Tips for Electrical Safety in Mines

Using electrical equipment on the job is always hazardous. According to a report prepared by the Fire Protection Research Foundation, there were 1,962 electrical-related workplace deaths during the ten-year period ending in 2013. Almost 200 of those occurred in mines. Compared with other industries, mining is among the most dangerous when it comes to working […]

Spider box temporary power

Spider Boxes: Temporary Power When & Where You Need It

Does your firm do work in hard-to-reach locations that don’t have electrical power? Do you require a safe source of power for outdoor locations or temporary situations? A spider box or spider box system may be the perfect option for you. Spider boxes (also known as temporary power supplies) are economical portable power distributors that use […]

electrical cable safety

How to Ground Electrical Safety in Your Business

It’s easy for people who work with electricity and electrical equipment every day to forget how dangerous it can be. They often become complacent about staying safe. At a minimum, improper contact with electrical elements can cause minor shocks and burns. At the extreme, it leads to major injuries, including loss of hearing, heart and […]

CRM Software

How to Choose the Right CRM System for Your Business

In our previous article, we explained how a CRM system could help you make better business decisions by utilizing customer data and automating important sales, marketing, and customer service functions. Now let’s take a look at some factors you’ll need to consider to select the right CRM system for your company. Be sure to reach the end of this […]


A CRM System Could Increase Sales by Almost a Third

So, how do you manage your customer relationships? If words like “phone,” “notebook,” “cocktail napkin” or “old computer system” come to mind, then you’re missing out on a big opportunity. That’s because even though customers are human, building and managing today’s customer relationships has gone high-tech. Companies are investing in customer relationship management (CRM) systems to […]

Small Changes, Big Impact: 5 Ways to Make Your Business More Efficient

Small problems can create big barriers for business, and countless companies face them each and every day. Even worse, most don’t realize just how distracting, time consuming and destructive they really are. Do any of these “little” problems ring true for your business? It takes too long for your team to locate common, everyday supplies and […]

5 Ways to Keep Customers From Jumping Ship

You are a leader in your field. Everything you do is top-of-the-line, and you offer the highest level of service. Your customers are happy. Everything seems to be going well, and your business will continue to be successful. Or will it? In today’s competitive world, it’s easy for your customers to search out and connect […]

How to Avoid Developing a Product or Service that Fails

As a contractor or end-point service company, you may not build a ton of products, but you probably create new processes all the time. I was fascinated to learn that the MVP (minimum viable product) concept applies not only to making products, but to creating processes. Let’s take a closer look at this concept. According to a […]

How to Do Staffing Changes Right

You know it’s time to make some changes to your workforce. You’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Maybe you added new systems to your business that have made managing it more efficient. Now that the systems are up-and-running, it’s time to lay-off some employees because you’re over-staffed. Perhaps you’ve reorganized how you […]

Why Deadlines Can Be the Best Thing To Happen To Your Company

Deadlines scare most people. They try to avoid them. Or go soft when it comes to meeting them. In fact, there is a whole movement against deadlines and how they suck creative energy and innovative thinking. But they shouldn’t frighten you. And you definitely shouldn’t avoid them. Why? Because a deadline could be the best […]