An industrial worker complying with industry best practices

Are Your Industry Best Practices Really the Best, or Outdated?

Table of Contents1 Getting Started2 Why industry standards are dated3 What you can do Getting Started Are your best practices really the best? When you buy a new smartphone, do you use five-year-old information to pick the right one? When you research healthcare options, do you leverage decade-old data to evaluate them? When you need […]

Gauge at 100 percent, indicating high customer satisfaction.

Business Reputation Management: How to Preserve Your Good Standing

Your business has a great reputation, and you’re reaping the rewards through referrals and positive word of mouth. However, in today’s world of instant communication, it’s easy for a simple slip-up to destroy in seconds the reputation you’ve taken years to build. Here are five tips to help you implement strong business reputation management practices […]

Man putting money in his wallet due to business tax breaks

3 Great Business Tax Breaks for the Electical Industry & Beyond

As the end of the year approaches, most businesses look for ways to save money on their taxes. There are a lot of tax advantages to utilize, especially in the electrical industry. You can leverage them to subsidize equipment purchases and grow your business. Here are three business tax breaks you probably don’t know about that could […]

portable power generator

Temporary, Permanent or In Between? How to Choose the Right Power Source

Just a few years ago, it was relatively easy to decide whether a temporary or permanent electrical power solution was the better one for a particular worksite. Temporary power installations were used when electricity was needed for a limited period of time at a construction site, remote location, new section of a mine, or outdoor […]

supervisor working on electrical safety protocols

Electrical Safety & Business: It Pays to Go Above and Beyond

Your employees follow the National Electrical Code (NEC) and OSHA rules when setting up electrical power systems at worksites. While these industry rules have been designed to keep workers and consumers safe, it’s important to find out why they were created and whether they’re the only guidelines you should use in your business. In this […]

professional studying the electrical industry

7 Ways to Stay Current in the Electrical Industry

The electrical industry is constantly evolving. New equipment, changing regulations, and ongoing innovation make it difficult to stay up to date on the latest industry trends. Here are a few resources that will help you learn all you need to know to stay current. Table of Contents1 Organizations2 Publications3 Chat and videos4 Courses5 Conferences6 Licensing […]

portable power generator

Temporary Power Equipment: Should I Build or Buy?

‌• You’re on a job site and have to get electrical power to a new location fast. You don’t have the right cables, connectors, and other temporary power equipment to do the job immediately. ‌• You’re planning for a new work site. It has unique temporary power requirements you’ve never faced before. ‌• You’re laying out a plan […]

stage with portable power

How to Avoid Portable Power Loss

A loss of portable power can be devastating for a business. It can lead to significant financial losses, reduced productivity, accidents, injuries, and damaged reputations. The good news? It’s easy to avoid a portable power system failure. Here are 10 things you can do to ensure something like this never happens to you and your company. Table […]

Temporary Power Options

Which Portable Power Solution Is Right for You?

More often these days, contractors, mine operators, electrical equipment rental companies and others need advanced portable power solutions to run their businesses effectively. The industry has responded by developing new and innovative ways to create and distribute portable power, including: Spider Boxes Generators Generator Docking Stations Transformers Portable Power Panels This may leave you wondering: Which solution […]

Conveyor belt powered by a variable frequency drive

Adjustable Motor Control: Why You Need a Variable Frequency Drive

For companies that depend on electrical equipment to run their businesses, any opportunity to lower utility costs, improve system efficiency, and reduce equipment maintenance will contribute significantly to the success of the business and ultimately improve its bottom line. Believe it or not, there’s a simple device that can do all these things, and most […]