Blank Panther Leadership Lessons

4 Leadership Lessons from the movie black panther

The movie Blank Panther was an absolute masterpiece. A lesson on leadership, a showcase of artistry, culture, and different types of leadership styles – below are four leadership lessons from the movie. Never underestimate the power of constant improvement in leadership. T-Challa’s little sister, Shuri, had foresight and ingenuity in the redesign of T’Challa’s body […]

Cam Panels  - How Cutting One Hole Using Cam Panels Will Save You Money

How Cutting One Hole Using Cam Panels Will Save You Money

Labor costs are some of the biggest expenses for anyone doing electrical installations. According to several employment websites, electrical installers and electricians have an average pay rate of $30 an hour. Time savings activities can often determine whether a project is profitable or not.  Several manufacturers have capitalized on the need to reduce labor costs […]

ATI turning on power at t-mobile arena

ATI Electrical Supply is Turning on the Power for Concerts and Sporting Events in Las Vegas

T-Mobile Arena timeline The T-Mobile arena, as it is now known, was originally conceived in early 2013 as a joint venture between MGM Resorts and Anschutz Entertainment Group, or AEG. Large projects in Las Vegas have a history of stalling out due to funding, engineering redesigns and yes – politics, so when it was rumored […]

Camlock Connection Switch - CAM Lock Connection Switch - What you should Know

CAM Lock Connection Switch – What you should Know

CAM Lock Connection Switch Specifications of CAM Lock Connection Switch Ampere range: 200-4000 Amps Switch configuration: Single and Double throw Voltage range: 240-600 Volts NEMA standard: 1, 3R, (12, 4X- optional) Switch connections: Fused, Non-Fused Enclosure Mount: Pad mount or Wall mount Enclosure material: Aluminium or Carbon Steel Enclosure Finish: ANSI 60 Gray or Uncoated […]

Portable Power Cable Assembly

Portable power cable assemblies what three important factors to consider when deciding to build or repair your own.

Purchase and repair costs are some of the most common considerations for a company that makes their living by renting portable power cable assemblies. Examples of these types of assemblies include type W cable with camlock connectors for generator applications, and type SC wire with twistlock connectors commonly used by electrical contractors that connect to […]

An industrial worker complying with industry best practices

Are Your Industry Best Practices Really the Best, or Outdated?

Are your best practices really the best? When you buy a new smartphone, do you use five-year-old information to pick the right one? When you research healthcare options, do you leverage decade-old data to evaluate them? When you need information on how to fire-proof your home, do you put your trust in a 15-year-old article? […]

Gauge at 100 percent, indicating high customer satisfaction.

Business Reputation Management: How to Preserve Your Good Standing

Your business has a great reputation, and you’re reaping the rewards through referrals and positive word of mouth. However, in today’s world of instant communication, it’s easy for a simple slip-up to destroy in seconds the reputation you’ve taken years to build. Here are five tips to help you implement strong business reputation management practices […]

Man putting money in his wallet due to business tax breaks

3 Great Business Tax Breaks for the Electical Industry & Beyond

As the end of the year approaches, most businesses look for ways to save money on their taxes. There are a lot of tax advantages to utilize, especially in the electrical industry. You can leverage them to subsidize equipment purchases and grow your business. Here are three business tax breaks you probably don’t know about that could […]

portable power generator

Temporary, Permanent or In Between? How to Choose the Right Power Source

Just a few years ago, it was relatively easy to decide whether a temporary or permanent electrical power solution was the better one for a particular worksite. Temporary power installations were used when electricity was needed for a limited period of time at a construction site, remote location, new section of a mine, or outdoor […]