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Platinum System Nature's Generator with 3 Solar Panels & 1 Power Pod

Save 31%
Original Price $2,917.81
Current Price $1,999.99
Save 31%
Original Price $2,917.81
Current Price $1,999.99
This system combines Nature's Generator and Nature's Power Pod and three Nature's Power Panels. This is the perfect gas free generator system. This generator range together with the three panels and pod offers a combined run time capacity of 1,920W hours. The three panels mean you can continually keep your pod and your generator charged! This means that it can power a range of items for varying lengths of time. Here’s a list of just a few items this Nature’s Generator will power up: 
Run Times with Nature's Generator + Power Pod 
  • Smartphones - 100+ Recharges 
  • Tablets - 60+ Recharges 
  • Laptops - 40+ Recharges 
  • LED Light Bulbs - 100+ Hours 
  • Point of View Camera - 300+ Recharges 
  • Mini Fridge - 15-20 Hours 
  • Refrigerator - 12-20 Hours 
  • 32" LED TV - 30+ Hours 
  • Oscillating Fan - 30+ Hours 
  • CPAP Machine - 20+ Hours 
  • Circular Saw - 5 Hours of Normal Use 
  • Corded Drill - 9 Hours of Normal Use

Nature's Generator Features and Benefits 
  • Powers up a range of electrical appliances and items 
  • Versatility in recharging – the generator can be recharged in any of three ways - solar panels, wind turbine, and an ordinary AC outlet in your home.
  • Requires no gas/fuel – because there is a versatility in charging, you’ll not only be able to minimise carbon footprint, but you’ll also save costs on gas 
  • Quiet & non-disturbing – unlike, traditional gas generators, this generator system is whisper quiet which means you’ll be able to get on with your work or leisure with minimum disturbance 
  • LCD Display with a fuel gauge to let you know how much longer the generator will keep you powered up 
  • The generator comes with a smart key 
  • This alternative and temporary power solution includes a cart wheel and handle to make it portable and easy to handle 

Nature's Solar Panel Features and Benefits 
  • These solar panels are polycrystalline panels reinforced with 3.2mm safety and anti-reflective glass. 
  • You can maneuver the panels into summer and winter positions to have optimum exposure to sunlight for best power solution
  • The panels can be secured in a single spot for a safe and secure power connection
  • The cart of the panel is designed with two wheels that can easily turn and a lightweight anodized aluminum frame 

Nature's Power Pod Benefits and Features
  • The pod is fitted with an internal 100Ah sealed lead acid battery 
  • You can recharge the battery power pod via solar or generator 
  • The power pod features an LED light fuel gauge to indicate the level of charge of the pod 
  • It is designed with a 12V DC outlet 
  • The power pod enclosure features a compartment on the top – it stores a fuse connector for expansion purposes. The compartment is useful for storing other handy items too
  • The pod enclosure is designed to be expandable and stackable with other pods as required. Otherwise it sits well, squarely on top of a Nature’s Generator.
The Kit Includes:

  • Nature's Generator with
  • Pre-assembled Heavy Duty Cart
  • Nature's Pulse Smart Key
  • Power Cord
  • Nature's Generator Power Pod
  • Three Nature's Generator Power Panels with
    • Two 50ft solar panel cable
    • One MC4 branch connector
  • Owner's Manuals
Save 31%
Original Price $2,917.81
Current Price $1,999.99
Save 31%
Original Price $2,917.81
Current Price $1,999.99

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