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6606GUF-104 CEP Spider Box, Input- 100A 125/250V Pin/Sleeve (HBL4100B12W) Feedthrough, Output- (4) 50A 125/250V (CS6369)

SKU CEP-6606GUF-104

ATI provides a wide selection of CEP Electrical Spider Boxes, like the 6606GUSF-256 CEP Spider Box, engineered with the latest GFCI technology. Spider boxes provide the user with the highest level of electrical safety. Every Spider Box is UL Listed for indoor & outdoor use to UL 1640. They are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of any job-site. A spider box will have a wrap around frame if it has the character “F” in its part number. Spider boxes come in either stainless steel or powder-coated steel.

Additionally, each unit has been assembled to maintain all current OSHA standards, placing emphasis on user safety. Should you require a spider box not listed on our site please call: 1.800.597.9311