CAM lock connectors are a great invention for portable power, but they can take time to install one by one onto equipment. If you have a 1200 amp piece of equipment with 3 phases and a ground and neutral, then that will equal a lot of installation time. Why not just order 1200 amp CAM lock panels? CAM lock panels will be a square section of 1/8″ powder coated aluminum and non-ferrous to reduce eddy currents. This square section will then be fitted with the combination of CAM lock connectors required for the amperage and voltage of your 3 phase application.

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All CAM panels are shipped pre-assembled reducing labor time and costs for installation with high density configurations, which allows more connections per sq/ft. Standard panel configurations to meet most temporary power applications.

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CAM Lock Panels

1600 Amp CAM Lock Panel


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CAM Lock Panels

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