Type W CAM Lock Extensions

Type W Extra-Hard-Use CAM Lock cable extensions are used extensively in the temporary power industry. Power Assemblies manufacturers all Type W CAM Lock generator cable extensions in a Las Vegas, NV production facility. Every assembly 25’ or longer comes complete with a double d-ring strap. There is a CPE Thermoset rubber jacket on Type W Cable, and Power Assemblies uses UL listed Series 16 400 Amp CAM lock connectors. These CAM Lock connectors are NEMA 3R while connected. These cable assemblies are used in the portable power, mining temporary power, heavy industrial, ship to shore, generator connections, conventions. Brochures for these Type W CAM Lock Extensions are available upon request. There is a special sale on 50 foot extensions of 4/0 Type W CAM Lock Extensions.They are going for just $221.75.

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