In 1992, Schneider Electric purchased Square D Company, adding to its status as the premier manufacturer for electrical power distribution, control and automation products. This multi-national company is a leader in the digital transformation of energy management, and is setting the standard in energy management with projects such as the T-Mobile Arena and Resorts World in Las Vegas.

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Some popular Schneider Electrical Components that ATI Electrical Supply offers include:

  • Circuit BreakersEnergy Meters
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • HMI
  • Safety Products
  • Manual Starter Protectors
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Motor Starters
  • Servo Drives
  • Control and Signaling Units
  • Pushbuttons
  • Proximity, Photoelectric & Pressure Sensors
  • Wireless Ethernet Access
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Surge Protection
  • ATI sells Schneider products exclusively in Nevada

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How Schneider Electrical Began

Schneider electric was founded in 1836 when Brothers Schneider acquired mines and forges at Le Creusot, France. By 1896 the comp any had become an armaments specialist and market leader, they used this time to enter into the electricity market. In 1919, Schneider expanded into Germany and Eastern Europe.

The company spent the next 60 years diversifying into different industries and developing new products to better meet its customers’ needs, Schneider electric carries efficient solutions that modify energy to achieve maximum efficiency while using minimal resources. It is involved in all known types of energy production across the globe. Schneider electric manufactures numerous electrical components; these include AI Cards, Terminal Strip 40 points, analogue input 16 chan current, UPS Parts kit, AC Fan, relay out 16 x 1 No, Backplane 16 slots, Quantum Processor, Module Empty W/Door, Circuit Breakers, Molded Case Circuit Breakers, GFCI breakers, fuse boxes, breaker boxes, starter motors, and many more.

Schneider Electric operates in over 100 countries, it the indisputably the pioneer in power management. Its operations focus on low voltage, medium voltage, secure power and automation systems. Schneider Electric is known for providing coherent solutions, automation, combining energy and software. Its consistence commitment to innovation and excellence is rivalled by no other industry player, this alone is accredited to the organization’s great success. Schneider Electric manufactures numerous electrical components including Circuit breakers, Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers, Miniature Circuit Breakers, Molded Case Circuit Breakers, GFCI breakers, fuse boxes, breaker boxes, starter motors, magnetic motors, electrical cabinets, electrical panels, limit switches, pushbuttons, and more.

Awards and Accolades

Schneider Electric has won quality awards and accolades in recognition of the quality of their products, as a brand Schneider Electrical has made its mark as the leaders in quality and reliable products.

Schneider Electrical at ATI Electrical Supply

Schneider is a reliable partner and supplier of electrical components to ATI Electric Supply; they represent a quality product that raises the bar.


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