How Elasco Began

Formed in 1988, Elasco Urethane started as a partnership between Henry Larrucea and Dan Walters to produce urethane skateboard wheels. A designer in his own right, Larrucea went on to design and patent high performance trucks which are used mainly for downhill, high speed activities. This design completely changed the way skateboards were made. This technology was later applied in other areas, including quad skate and inline wheel applications.

Cutting edge product development and manufacturing

Elasco chooses to design and manufacture its products using polyurethane, a material that produces the highest quality in our products when processed through an open cast molding system. All Elasco products are guaranteed non-hazardous including mercury free, and all made in the USA. There are advantages of using open cast polyurethane such as the fact that it is biodegradable, it weighs less, it’s easy to handle, it lasts longer and it is crack resistant.

Elasco at ATI Electric Supply

Elasco supplies all Cable Assemblies, these include all cable covers to ATI Electrical Supply.