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Gold-WE System Nature's Generator with Solar Power Panel & Wind Turbine

Save 31%
Original Price $2,232.10
Current Price $1,529.98
Save 31%
Original Price $2,232.10
Current Price $1,529.98
This combines the generator and panels of the Gold system with our cutting edge wind turbine. So if you're looking for a gas-free generator option, this is it.
Nature's Wind Turbine Benefits and Features
  • The wind turbine is constructed from a cast aluminum alloy that works to protect the construction from the elements 
  • The turbine comes with weatherproof M19 3P connectors
  • It also comes with 100 foot, 12 AWG UL listed cable 
Nature's Generator Features and Benefits 
  • Powers up a range of electrical appliances and items 
  • Versatility in recharging – the generator can be recharged in any of three ways - solar panels, wind turbine, and an ordinary AC outlet in your home. 
  • Requires no gas/fuel – because there is versatility in charging, you’ll not only be able to minimize carbon footprint, but you’ll also save costs on gas 
  • Quiet & non-disturbing – unlike, traditional gas generators, this generator system is whisper quiet which means you’ll be able to get on with your work or leisure with minimum disturbance 
  • LCD Display with a fuel gauge to let you know how much longer the generator will keep you powered up 
  • The generator comes with a smart key 
  • This alternative and temporary power solution includes a cartwheel and handle to make it portable and easy to handle 
Nature's Solar Panel Features and Benefits 
  • This solar panel is a polycrystalline panel reinforced with 3.2mm safety and anti-reflective glass. 
  • You can maneuver the panel into summer and winter positions to have optimum exposure to sunlight for the best power solution 
  • The panel can be secured in a single spot for a safe and secure power connection 
  • The cart of the panel is designed with two wheels that can easily turn and a lightweight anodized aluminum frame

The Kit Includes:

  • Nature's Generator with
    • Pre-assembled Heavy-Duty Cart
    • Nature's Pulse Smart Key
    • Power Cord
  • Nature's Generator Power Panel with
    • 50ft solar panel cable
  • Nature's Generator Wind Turbine with
    • Hub
    • 5 blades
    • 100ft wind turbine cable
    • Controller box
    • Hardware and tool bag
  • Owner's Manuals
Save 31%
Original Price $2,232.10
Current Price $1,529.98
Save 31%
Original Price $2,232.10
Current Price $1,529.98

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