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temporary power

Essential Tools for Setting up Temporary Power Systems

It takes a great deal of knowledge and expertise to set up temporary power systems safely and effectively. In this article, we’ll share some of the best resources to help you get the job done right. Regulations and guidelines At a minimum, you’re required to follow federal and state guidelines when you set up a […]

Hurricane Season Preparedness

Hurricane Season Preparedness… What you need to Know

Hurricane season is upon on. We’ve all been there… last minute store runs and the constant juggle of thoughts trying to ensure that you have everything you need before things get too windy. Beat the mad dash and gain a peace of mind by always staying prepared during hurricane season, stock up and prepare now […]

supervisor working on electrical safety protocols

Electrical Safety & Business: It Pays to Go Above and Beyond

Your employees follow the National Electrical Code (NEC) and OSHA rules when setting up electrical power systems at worksites. While these industry rules have been designed to keep workers and consumers safe, it’s important to find out why they were created and whether they’re the only guidelines you should use in your business. In this […]

stage with portable power

How to Avoid Portable Power Loss

A loss of portable power can be devastating for a business. It can lead to significant financial losses, reduced productivity, accidents, injuries, and damaged reputations. The good news? It’s easy to avoid a portable power system failure. Here are 10 things you can do to ensure something like this never happens to you and your company. 1. […]

surface mine operation

37 Tips for Electrical Safety in Mines

Using electrical equipment on the job is always hazardous. According to a report prepared by the Fire Protection Research Foundation, there were 1,962 electrical-related workplace deaths during the ten-year period ending in 2013. Almost 200 of those occurred in mines. Compared with other industries, mining is among the most dangerous when it comes to working […]

electrical cable safety

How to Ground Electrical Safety in Your Business

It’s easy for people who work with electricity and electrical equipment every day to forget how dangerous it can be. They often become complacent about staying safe. At a minimum, improper contact with electrical elements can cause minor shocks and burns. At the extreme, it leads to major injuries, including loss of hearing, heart and […]