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Las Vegas Livens up Electrical Boxes and Transformers

Electrical distribution equipment which includes Electrical Boxes, transformers, switchboards and panel boards are used to power homes, businesses, hotels and casinos and industrial facilities throughout the Las Vegas Valley. The enclosures for these typically come in very bland colors to not draw attention to them, or to blend them into the surrounding environment. Because of […]

Mining Cable Basics

Mining cable is a generic term that describes cable used for distributing power to equipment in mining tunnels, large shovels and drills. It is specifically designed to hold up to the harsh environments found in coal, industrial and precious metal mines including being dragged over rocks, strung from cables and run over by equipment weighing […]

Temporary Power Cables

Factors to Consider When Selecting Temporary Power Cable

Temporary power projects usually involve running temporary power cable between a source, which is typically a generator, to a load which could be a spider box (or Beetle Box), a transformer cart, a portable panelboard or an automatic transfer switch. Choosing the right cables depends on factors including the physical environment such as temperature and […]

Generator Maintenance Kit

The Importance of Generator Maintenance On Your Mobile Generator

Generator Maintenance is important! Mobile generators are a critical source of temporary power during power outages caused by natural disasters, or in areas where utility power is not available.  They can range from 1800 watts which can power only a couple receptacles, to over 2.5 megawatts which can power a large commercial building. Smaller generators […]

ISO Compliance

ISO Compliance Versus ISO Certification, What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

ISO aka International Organization of Standardization ISO Compliance and ISO Certification are quality standards that are important to almost every company in every industry. Everyone wants to be known for having great quality. Manufacturers want to make high quality products and business sales and service providers want to be known for having quality products and […]

Temporary Power Products

Natural Disasters Natural disasters can be devastating to power grids that feed residences and businesses creating the need for Temporary Power Products. States like Texas, California and Florida have several power outages each year due to hurricanes, ice storms, wildfires and earthquakes. Although these states are especially vulnerable, no part of the country is immune […]

A Guide to Hurricane Power Outage Protection in Florida

Hurricane power outage protection is critical during the most intense hurricanes in different regions of the country. How Hurricanes are Formed Hurricanes are formed when a low pressure system develops over warm ocean waters and the water evaporates, spinning upward into the center of the system. This upward spiral causes the surface pressures below the […]